Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm Positive

So the Doctor walks into the exam room reading my chart. He reads out loud, “Basal Cell Carcinoma.”

His brows knit a little as he reads to himself for a few more seconds. Then he looks up and smiles. “On a positive note, it’s not the WORST diagnosis you could have!”
 Love him.

The plan is to go in on Thursday and have the doctor scrape away little layers at a time underneath the outside corner of my right nostril until everything is clear. I will have some stitches, the number to be determined by the amount of skin they have to scrape off. On the surface it looks like a very small area, but I was warned that there could be more underneath. We will see.

So my very private self has been reluctant to say anything to anyone about this.  It doesn't seem like a big deal. And well, sometimes I am just not comfortable sharing. 

But I was recently reminded that it is not a bad thing to have people concerned and praying for you, even if it doesn't seem like a big deal.

Most of you probably won't see this until everything is all cleaned up and I am home milking my condition for all it's worth, but maybe you could still send up a little prayer on my behalf.

And on a postive note, I did share!

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  1. Prayers comin! Boy, you and Paul like to do stuff in the same week! Hope all goes well for both of you.