Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wed 4/14

We woke up EARLY and reluctantly left Columbus for Nauvoo. We left Alisha behind because she had to fly back to Provo for work.


After Sunday being such a wonderful day we felt rejuvenated, well at least I did.

We woke up some what early (no surprise) visited the Peter Whitmer Farm and Visitor Center there.

After a few hours we continued on to Nigra Falls. There we were able to get tickets for the Maid of the Midst. TOTALLY AWESOME!! Mom, Dad, Alisha, and Sarah stayed at the very front of the boat and got pretty wet. Adam wasn't too excited about being at the front,  not only because of the moisture factor but because he couldn't see as well, so they went to the top and still got soaked. It is amazing. When you think about THAT much water in such a short amount of time, it's crazy, but beautiful.

Okay so this was another HILARIOUS MOMENT:
If you can't see it, the bottom says "Butt Depot". Adam is one Funny Kid!

After we drove to Kirtland, and had dinner at Cracker Barrel. Definitely a different restaurant, not like one you would find in California, but it was Yummy :) Plus, we needed a Home Made type meal.

After stuffing our faces we found a Ramada Inn, got a room, found numerous problems with the room, changed rooms, the kids went swimming, and got into bed early. It was a good day.


This was a Wonderful day:
We woke up and went to church, which was conveniently a few hundred feet away from the Inn, then had lunch meals which we had bought the night before. (Good idea! We were so tired of sandwiches) After we had filled our bellies we piled up in the car and went sight seeing. We visited the Grandin Press, Erie Canal, the Temple, the Smith Family Farm, the Sacred Grove, and the Hill Cumorah.


  My favorite part? Obviously the Sacred Grove.

We had gotten a tour of the Smith Family Farm then were allowed to walk the Grove. Not only was it Sunday, which is a spiritual day as it is, but we were on grounds with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ had been. Each of the Girls; Alisha, Michelle, and Sarah walked on their own and Mom, Dad, and Adam walked together. I can't tell you the things I felt and the words I heard because  I could never do justice, but I will tell you this.

God Lives. His son and our beloved brother Jesus Christ suffered and died for you and me, that we may return to our loving Father who is trying so earnestly to help us get back to him. I know the Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith and instructed him to not join any church but later instructed him to be an instrument in the Restoring of Christ's Church on the earth today. I testify of God's love for his children and all the many blessings which we can not even begin to understand. He is always with us, will never leave us, and will never forget us, even if we forget him.
In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday 4/10

Once again we woke up early, packed up the car (by now we were able to do it in record timing) and drove to Boston.

In Boston we parked near Bunker Hill and walked to Freedom Trail.

 For those of you who have no idea what the Freedom Trail is: It's a trail marked by gold bricks in the sidewalk which goes through the entire town leading to all of the Historically significant areas. WAY COOL and very informative and fun. There was a company that gave tours, but those cost money so we toured ourselves, but we did somewhat follow one tour guide. He was tall, big , black, loud and funny! He made alot of points about the history which made it more real. He didn't sugar coat anything, which often people do when talking about American History.

The last part of the Freedom Trail we saw was the USS Constitution.

The day had been going perfectly until Mom fell down. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I just remember looking back and Mom not being on her feet. After a minute of resting she was the tough cookie that she is and continued on. I love my Momma!  

            Haha This Cracked the WHOLE Family up... This is how we entertained ourselves for the half an hour wait to tour the ship... O man it was funny

After the USS Constitution the family decided(everyone but Michelle) that it would be ridiculous to be in Boston and not get Claw Chowder so we asked around for the best place to go and were referred to the Warren Tavern.

This place is OLD!There are records saying some of the Revolution Leaders ate and talked there! CRAZY!

So we found this outside an Ice Cream Shop along the Freedom Trail and it fit us PERFECTLY so we made sure to get a picture. If we had a photo album of the trip THIS would be the cover :)

After Chowder we walked back to the car and then drove, getting to Palmyra New York at 12:30 am.