Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blue and Gold

Adam, being the young man that he is, had a Blue and Gold Dinner, and was asked to bring dessert. So, being the loving and helpful sister that she is, Sarah helped him make cup cakes.Though it may look like more of the mix was on Sarah's hand, enough cupcakes were made, though we were considering simply putting sarah's hand in the oven to get a whole additional cupcake, but for some odd reason Sarah wasn't too excited about that.
We did however have to continually tell Adam to keep his fingers out. He said They Just Looked SOOO Good.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Definition of Our Current Lives

So if you know our family at all, you know it's Basketball Season. This means 2-5 hours of basketball a day for the girls, and on game days it means Mom doing the books for both games, and Adam being dragged along.... poor kid. At home games he has a nice set up though. We plug in the portable DVD player, bring a blanket and snacks. It's sweet. Most games there ends up being 3-5 other kids.. all just watching the movies. We'll have to get a picture so you really understand how funny it is :)

Along with the girls' crazy schedules, Dad's is even more ridiculous. He's the Referee Assigner for ALL High School Basketball, and some. He spends most of his day on his laptop assigning games, or he's at the office doing his "real" job, or he's actually Refereeing games.

Basketball Is This Family

(Last Season Game=Feb 19)
These are Michelle's Basketball Shoes.. and she just loves them. The Varsity team always gets the same shoes and this year Michelle, being a Senior, got to be one of the deciding people in what shoes they would get. She put in extra effort to find ones that looked good and felt nice.... and she' is so pleased :) A week after all the varsity girls had gotten their shoes and shown them off to the other girl's and boy's teams, four boys showed up at practices and games with the same ones :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

(Michelle, Sherrie, Paul, Sarah, Adam)

It's Our Apology ..

So during Christmas time, when we received all of our letters and updates on how much fun your families are having, which we thoroughly enjoyed, we Talked about writting one of our own.... but obviously to No Success.
So I thought of this brillant idea; and to no surprise when I told Mom and Sarah, Sarah's reaction was nothing short of looking at me like I was retarded.
So here we have it. Our Family Blog. Who knows how often it will be updated, especially after I go to college, but hey, at least I tried :)